Casual Layers Flatweave striped area rugsto accent your floors

Flatweave rugs are a great layering item. Thin and pliable, on their own they are able to sneak under doors in even the tighten of bedrooms to add pizazz underfoot. They can also layer on top of items like sofas and other rugs, for an embellished seasonal change. 

I’ve used rugs in both of these formats before: I once added a white rag rug on top of my white sofa for layers of texture (it was actually fine to sit on, too.) Above, I layered a gray jute rug with a neutral striped flat weave, displayed out on an angle. There’s something to the skew and juxtaposition of plain and pattern that help add an artful confidence. It says “I’m casual, but I know what I’m doing.” 

From a single simple area rug - to layers of look for your room, our round up of patterned flatweave rugs are great solutions to added interest in your space.