On Our Grid Swiping right on all these gridded itemsfor your home

I love a good grid. There, I said it. There’s something about the simple architectural geometry that speaks to me. It seems to be the pattern that I doodle while on calls, and something I double tap every time an item comes up in my feed. So why not pull together all my favorite gridded items for your home and beyond? 

Treat gridded items in your home like classics - they work in most interiors, but be conscientious of the material. Bleached teaks and mahoganies add architectural interest to traditional rooms. Chrome, white and painted finishes bring a modern, almost 80’s quality to contemporary interiors. And in between, grids work well as textiles, artwork, tabletop and lamps to bring graphic punch to the finishing touches of any room.

Gridded items are definitely on my design grid, and hopefully soon to find a place in your next design project.