Made In The Shade Coolie shade pendants are pretty cool cats, in my book.

What’s a coolie shade? Basically, it’s a lampshade that has a strong cant to it – smaller at the top, and wider at the bottom. The lamp shade on the Saladino Lamp is a great example of a coolie shade, and has inspired many shades for the lamps in my own home. In fact, I recently made a gigantic custom coolie shade as a pendant light, complete with whip-stitched detail (hint: future Archive story, coming up!)


Manufacturers have gotten hip to the cool factor of Coolies – they feel modern, clean and architectural. We’ve pulled some of our favorite coolie shade pendant lights for your use: these are all big and bold. I used one of these over our dining table in Greenport, and on a dimmer it adds a soft, romantic glow to the room.


Coolies are…well, cool – it’s in the name. Click over and check them out to add some pizzazz to your place.