Mighty Malachite-y High impact looks inspired by our favorite green stone.

A little magic, a little mystery…malachite is a stone that has layers to its color. While you might know me for my love of black and white, I also love green. It plays a role in many of our projects, making its mark in the form of plants, furniture, and even walls. YES, I’ve painted more than one room deep green (starting with my parent’s family room, when I was in middle school…) Most recently I’ve painted the doors and bathroom in our East Marion house a dark, glossy Loden, and it's fantastic. 

True green - like green green - has been on my radar, too. From drapery and upholstery at the Edition Hotels, to the malachite green dishes one of our clients owned - green is a powerful color that feels both regal and rebellious. 

Re-enter: Malachite - a wondrously magical looking stone. Concentric rings of different greens flair out like a spirograph. The non-repeating natural pattern has been emulated in fabrics, wallpapers and even tabletop. It has a Tony Duquette-esque, over the top quality, that is just plain fun. In our chic little round up of all things green, you’ll find varying shades of the hue, plus a healthy dose of Malachite - the perfect way to add the magic of green to your look.