Ironstone: Dishes That Go The Distance A study on the sturdy white ceramics called Ironstone.

There is a great vintage and home store in Southold, NY called White Flower Farmhouse. Owner Lori Guyer scours thrift stores, vintage shows, estate sales and more for furniture and decorative finds, usually in a monochromatic palette. It was here that I started to gather my still-growing collection of heavy white plates, platters and pitchers called Ironstone.

I’ve learned that Ironstone is not porcelain but a porous earthenware, made of clay mixed with feldspar. Lidy Baars writes for RomanticHomes.comPatented in 1813 by Charles James Mason in Staffordshire, England, it was an immediate success. There is no iron in ironstone. Many believe Mason used this name to imply that iron and china created a durable and almost indestructible pottery."

While its roots were British, by the 1870’s, American potters were manufacturing their own white versions, many of which can still be found today.  Vintage ironstone doesn’t need to break the bank – there are great options on Etsy and Chairish. Sometimes even more interesting are some of the new potters that we’ve found, who are cooking up their own looks, based on the simplicity of the form. From old to new, and new names you should know, we’re bringing you the best options in Ironstone, to add a vintage vibe to your table and home.