White Enamel Pendants These industrial-inspired pieces really light up a room

I remember the first time I saw and loved a white metal industrial pendant. I was interning in Chicago, wandering the retail of Michigan Avenue. The Coach store there was all white – white painted brick, white fixture, and lit with these big white enamel shades. It felt industrial, but chic – classic, and just a smidge masculine. I drew them into my projects the rest of that semester.

What’s old still feels new, when it comes to these lights. Whether vintage or re-edition, a white metal pendant is still a fav, and still adds bravado to a ceiling. The Archive team has rounded up our favorites (including some from the one and only Diane Keaton…who knew?). I love these so much, I’ve used them in my own home in Greenport.

Old, new, and re-edition… these pieces are sure to light up your room with great style.


White Industrial Pendants

New vs. Vintage