Schoolhouse Pendants We’re shedding some light on these vintage and vintage-inspired ceiling lights.

Schoolhouse pendants are defined by a turned metal fitting (the part that attaches to the ceiling,) and a glass shade. The shape and look can vary, and often will have painted details or pressed ornamentation.

I first started using schoolhouse lights in my Ralph Lauren store design days. We used both old and new in the shops, for general illumination (and look,) and blended these lights with more tactical spots to light the garments. Their sense of history helped add to the heritage look of the spaces, even before all the other decorative goodies were added.

Since RL, I’ve used these lights in my own home, both in hallways, kitchens, and in bedrooms. Found examples can be shopped on Etsy (often vintage glass, with new fittings,) and new examples are chock-a-block through lots of retails like Rejuvenations and RH. The Archive team has collected some of our favorites with both vintage and updated looks, to  help you ace the lighting game. Click through and add one (or more) to replace your ho hum lights.