Polished Nickel Sconces Light up your bathrooms with these shiny sconces.

One of the most asked questions about bathrooms is “which metal should I use?” Brass, chrome, nickel? Of course the answer is subjective, but polished nickel has long been my top go-to. Warmer than chrome and a “white” metal, it's timeless, easy to clean, and easy to find in lots of standard running faucets and fittings.

When it comes time to pair those, my one hard and true suggestion for white metals is to use the SAME - chrome and nickel are different enough that in close proximity you’re like “why don’t these match?!” We’ve made a shortcut for you, for pre-approved (and affordable) polished nickel sconces. I like a paper shade for flattering light, but be warned - a steamy bathroom will eventually make the material ripple. C’est la vie - enjoy until they do, and then replace them with new or even more spirited shades for a new look.


Polished Nickel Sconces

For the perfect soft, ambient glow