Totally Stoned We’re googly eyed over these gorgeous Marble Lamps

I gotta be honest - when I think of lamps, I don’t automatically think of marble. In fact, when I saw a pair of carrara cylinder table lamps at a favorite vintage shop in Greenport, it struck me how interesting they were. They felt different: Architectural, HEAVY, and a material that I align more with the built environment than tabletop decoration.

I think the cool factor about these lamps is the unexpected malleability of such a rigid material. Ceramic, plastic, glass, even wood…these are all easy enough to manipulate into different shapes. But stone seems more…challenging. Taking something that took thousands of years to make and determining its next life in the form of a lamp? Well, why didn’t I think of that?! 

The selection of marble lamps in our round up are - SHOCK - black and white. Click on over to your faves to see what other materials and colors may be available too.