Stop Bobbin’ and Weaving, and Take A Seat Our round up of stylish Bobbin Chairs is a TKO.

Those turned leg, kinda stacked circle looking chairs…? They’re called Bobbin chairs. Bobbin chairs are actually part of a broader category called “spool furniture,” all of which resembles stacked spools of thread.The style became popular  in America in the late 19th century, when spool furniture could be mass produced due to the introduction of machine lathes.  I’ve written about technology inspiring new looks before, with the example of tubular metal furniture

In researching this article, I was surprised to know that this style also goes by another name: Jenny Lind. Writer Lynn Byrne of the blog “Design Dictionary”  explains, “Jenny Lind  has been called the Lady Gaga of her day.  A very famous Swedish soprano…In the mid-1800’s, Lind  made a triumphant tour of America and donated all of her proceeds to charity (almost 10 million in today’s dollars).  According to legend, Jenny slept on a spool bed during the tour. Since the world was mad for anything Jenny, her name stuck to the furniture form.“ Great to know she did it for more than the Applause. (sorry…had to.)

While spool furniture takes all shapes - beds, tables, etc. - our round up is focused on chairs. In my hunts for furniture on the North Fork, I’ve acquired a few Bobbin chairs with a woven seat, and love the vintage contrast they add to some of my more contemporary furnishings. There is something decidedly old and Americana feeling about them. Click through and add these pieces to your home, to make your look a total knock out.