Spring Cleaning 101 More than just mops and brooms to spruce upyour rooms

Being from Pittsburgh, I grew up hearing people instruct: “Read up your room.” While the saying means “clean up your room,” I always interpreted it  in a “get your room ready,” kind of way; a more all encompassing, cleaning and decorating approach (doesn’t that sound just like me?) To that end, it’s Spring cleaning time, which to me means more than just the usual chores, or cleaning out a closet - it’s about  refreshing your space for the warmer months ahead. Think how good it feels to open your windows on the first warm, sunny day of spring - the smell, look, and light of the season is all about newness, a great mantra to approach your home with too.

The Archive team put our heads together to find not just the perfect supplies to clean your space, but to help tackle those little projects too. We have links to all our “install bag” must haves (VHB tape and dimmers are Dan faves,) and some “tricks of the trade” supplies that get your yard sale finds looking better than new.

Spring is springing - take the opportunity to read up (I mean spruce up) your nest. Happy cleaning!