Father's Day Gift Guide Chic ways to say “Thanks Dad,” that he’ll actually love.

I’m very lucky to have been born to such involved parents. I remember the time my dad came to my fifth grade class, to tell us about his job. He’s now happily retired, but used to be in train sales. For days before his presentation, as my sister and I did our homework each evening, my dad sat with us and made transparencies for the overhead projector. Selling trains is not easy to explain - especially to a bunch of Fifth graders, and knowing I’m a visual learner, he took the time to present to me in a way that I’d understand. 

He often coached my siblings in their sports, and as the “non-athlete” of the family I could have felt left out. Instead, he made it to every performance and art show, volunteered to host the choir Christmas tree fundraiser and even to chaperone marching band trips. All kids should be so lucky to have a dad that meets them just where they are, and celebrates them for who they want to me. 

Speaking of celebrating, Father’s Day is just around the corner - the perfect time to celebrate your dad and/or father figures in your life. While Dads have different interests, we’re taking a stab and collecting items to appeal to most. From gadgets to grilling, sports to book worms - we think there’s something here for every Dad. Even if you buy nothing, make sure you mark your calendar - call your Dad and let him know how much he means to you this Father’s Day. It’ll be the best call you make all month. And to my Dad - from one Dan to another, thanks for everything: the best of me is a result of all your teaching and love - Happy Father’s Day.