Call Me Old Fashioned Mixing up some of our favorite bar looks,from coupes to Cosmopolitans

With the launch of Archive, we’re feeling celebratory – so much to toast as we move into 2023. We want you to share in the celebration, and so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite barware along with the booze to help fill them!


We’ve broken down our looks into three categories, and are also supplying some recipes to inspire your happy hour. The Old Fashioned is our take on all things classic bar, with a glittery city vibe complete with a tried and true recipe; A Dark and Stormy calls for smoked glass and copper accents, and for our Cosmopolitan, we’ll take an urbane take on the tart treat.


Break out your shaker – or better yet, upgrade to a new one. It’s happy hour somewhere, and it’s time to celebrate.